[] Bild zeigt Graphen der Firma Georg H. Luh als Molekülstruktur


Graphene describes a modification of carbon, which has a unique combination of material properties:

  • High electrical and thermal conductivity
  • Optical transparency: a layer of graphene absorbs only 2.3% of visible light
  • Extremely high strength and stability, only surpassed by diamonds
  • At the same time, graphene is mechanically flexible
  • Chemical and thermal stability
  • Prevents corrosion
  • Very thin material
  • Health and safety advantages
[] Elektrische und thermische Leitfähigkeit
[] Korrosionsschutz

Graphene dispersions are produced by using a specialised technology, that graphene nano-platelets are introduced into an organic solvent. This facilitates its simplified storage, transport and use in a range of applications.