Sound Insulation

Mica is suitable as a sound insulation additive in acoustic sound protection products or sound deadening agents for the structure-borne sound dampening of metallic surfaces. Due to their special layer structure, mica flakes transform the sound energy into harmless forms of energy. This means that kinetic energy is transformed into heat.

Mica is already being used successfully as a sound insulation additive in the transport sector, automobile industry and construction:

  • Plastic housings for tools
  • Sound-absorbent coatings or components in cars, trains or air planes
  • Bitumen tiles or films
  • Pipe insulation for sound suppression

When these products also need to be flame retardant, expandable graphite is suited as an additional additive. This results in the best possible combination of the sound insulation properties of mica with the halogen-free flame retardant properties of expandable graphite.