The appropriate raw material quality for every application

As a graphite and mica specialist, we primarily supply our customers with mineral raw materials in flake and powder form – in standard grades or to individual customer specifications.

Since master batches, compounds or dispersions are better suited for certain applications, we have tailor-made solutions produced by our partners. Moulded parts and films made of high-quality natural graphite complete our product portfolio.

We are happy to advise you and help you find the most appropriate product for your application.


Thanks to a unique combination of properties, mica has numerous different applications. The top three industrial applications in which mica has been used successfully for decades are optics, sound absorption and separating agents.

Fields of application

Natural graphite is used in various industries ranging from the refractory & foundry sector to flame protection, from conductivity applications to lubricants. Selecting the appropriate product and correct specifications for the respective application is the key.