Graphite Foils

High conductivity, reliability under extreme conditions and at the same time great flexibility in shaping - graphite foils made of natural graphite meet exactly these requirements and thus offer a sustainable and resistant solution in thermal conduction applications and as sealing material.

Graphite foils are made of expanded expandable graphite and are free of any additives or binding agents. The special properties of natural graphite - excellent thermal and electrical conductivity and radiation-repellent effect - are also present in our high-purity graphite foils.

Fields of Application

  • Heat conducting foil for highly effective heat distribution in electronic components, CPUs, etc.
  • Heating element in high temperature processes
  • Sealing material
  • Release foils
  • Heat shield
  • Protective lining
  • Diffusion barrier

Features & Advantages

  • Material thickness: depending on application between 30 µm and 2 mm
  • Dimensions: individual dimensions, roll goods, round blanks
  • Density: 1.0 - 1.1 g/cm³
  • Purity: min. 99% C
  • Easy processing: by cutting, pressing or punching
  • high temperature resistance: - 210°C to approx. 450°C in normal atmosphere, up to 2500°C in inert atmosphere or vacuum
  • chemically resistant to acids and oxidative media
  • no corrosion on adjacent components due to high purity

Your contact person

Klaus Rathberger

The right additive or special raw material specification exists for every application. Let’s find the appropriate solution together. Our team and I are happy to help you.