Graphene Nanoplatelets

Graphene Nanoplatelets: Maximum effect with minimum dosage

July 2020, by Klaus Rathberger


When it comes to the improvement of electrical conductivity, the choice often revolves around carbon materials such as carbon black, graphite and graphene. As specialists in graphite, we know the significant advantage of graphite for conductivity applications: excellent thermal conductivity combined with very good electrical conductivity. Our graphene nanoplatelets are the first choice for applications that require the highest conductivity.


For several years now everybody is talking about Graphene especially for "high-end applications". The reason is its excellent conductivity values – both thermal as well as electrical – in combination with a significant improvement of mechanical characteristics. All of this can be reached with graphene nanoplatelets (multilayer graphene) and even at a better price-performance ratio.

Graphene Nanoplatelets in comparison to carbon black and graphite
Our graphene nanoplatelets, short GNPs, were compared with conductivity additives such as carbon black, graphite and other carbon additives in a filling study. Within the experimental setup, an aqueous dispersion was applied as thin coatings from which the electrical conductivity was derived later on. The reference was a 12 % carbon black dispersion, which showed a resistance value of 24 ohms in the test batch.

The results of our graphene nanoplatelets in a short overview:

  • Adding <2% a conductivity similar to the reference sample can be reached
  • At 3% the conductivity was so high that the measuring accuracy of the test arrangement did not yield any results

Therefore, graphene nanoplatelets have perfect characteristics for applications that require the highest performance at low filling rates. In addition to its excellent combination of electrical and thermal conductivity, GNPs also have a strong shielding effect concerning electromagnetic radiation, are anti-corrosive and have a reinforcing effect in plastic coatings.

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