Flame retardant and conductivity compounds

Flame retardant and conductivity compounds with proven LUH special graphites

January 2021, by Angelina Schöffel

For many years, our customers have been successfully using graphites from our company in a wide variety of applications. The success stories here are expanded graphite as a flame retardant additive or specialty graphites for conductivity applications. Until now, these products were only available in powder form. Through our partners, our proven specialty graphites are also available as individual plastic compounds or masterbatches.

With our new generation of expandable graphite GHL PX 95 HT 270, the halogen-free flame retardant additive expandable graphite can now also be used for engineering plastics with processing temperatures up to 270°C. To make processing easier for you, this product and other expandable graphite grades are now available as dust-free plastic compounds or masterbatches.

Our specialty graphites for conductivity applications - GraphTHERM® and GraphCOND® - are also available as individual compounds or masterbatches with up to 90% filler content. These highly filled plastics can be used to achieve the highest thermal conductivities for thermal management applications. Compounds with our two specialty graphites are also ideal for applications requiring very good electrical conductivity or the perfect combination of electrical and thermal conductivity.

Advantages of our plastic compounds and masterbatches:

  • Consideration of individual and application-specific requirements
  • Maximum design freedom in injection molding and other molding processes
  • Dust-free working in production
  • Simple metering of our highly filled granules
  • Preliminary tests on laboratory equipment can be arranged

We accompany and support you throughout the entire process: from selection the right graphite quality, initial sample quantities and laboratory trials to series production. We combine our raw material knowledge, built up over decades, with the expertise of specialists in compounding.

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