Specialist for Graphite & Mica

with own quality laboratory according to ISO standard

Partner for development projects

Flame retardant, conductivity & lubricants


We combine tradition with innovation

Consulting for innovative new projects through decades of experience & large networks


International wholesaler

with over 85 years of experience


Spezialist für Graphit und Glimmer

Even though we specialise in graphite and mica, our world is more than just black and white

Are you looking for a reliable graphite and mica supplier? Do you want a long-term development partner to assist you in the fields of flame protection, heat management and conductivity? If so, you have come to the right place. 

As a graphite and mica specialist, we are intimately familiar with the product properties and possible applications. We contribute to the success of your project with our large network of research institutions, associations and partners. With more than 85 years of wholesale and foreign trade experience, we are also your logistics partner. Our in-house quality laboratory guarantees raw materials and additives tested according to German standards. Above all, we, the company LUH based in Walluf, offer everything for you from one source. Have we aroused your interest?

New and proven fields of application

Graphite and mica are used in various industries ranging from the refractory & foundry sector to flame protection, conductivity and lubricant applications to sound insulation. Selecting the appropriate product and correct specifications for the respective application is the key.

In-house quality control guarantees premium products

The quality of our products is very important to us. Which is why we perform goods receiving tests for our products in our in-house laboratory and verify the product-specific properties.