Graphite Parts & Films

High conductivity, low weight and reliability under extreme conditions combined with great flexibility in moulding – these are precisely the requirements met by graphite films and graphite foams, making them effective solutions for a wide variety of industrial applications.

Overview of benefits

  • Heat conductive: thermal hot spots are avoided by simultaneously distributing heat via the cooling element and then releasing it to the surroundings
  • Flexible: there are virtually no limits in terms of moulding and density, and subsequent processing by means of cutting or punching is unproblematic as well
  • Lightweight: 30% lighter than aluminium and 80% lighter than copper
  • Resistant: graphite is chemically inert and highly resistant to oxidation and temperatures
  • Environmentally friendly: made of natural graphite, free of binding agents

Graphite foams and graphite films are made of expanded graphite and are free of any additives or binding agents. Their density can be freely adjusted to the respective application and they can be moulded in any design. Blocks, rings, sheets, custom components with complex shapes or very thin pressed films are all possible. The dimensions can be adjusted to the respective application from 30 µm to several millimetres.

Graphite foam has numerous benefits. Its advantages compared to metals such as aluminium and copper, still commonly used in heat management applications today, are however the most significant.

We are happy to advise you and help you find suitable graphite parts and/or the right films for your application.

Application examples for graphite parts and films


Sealing rings

can be fabricated in custom dimensions and provide an excellent lubricating effect.


 Graphite films

are used primarily in heat conducting applications and high-temperature processes.


Graphite foam components

are used for heat management components with more complex geometries.

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