Conductivity Products

Conductivity applications demand individually tailored additives

Heat management, heat sink applications, antistatic applications and electromagnetic shielding are being widely discussed and increasingly gaining importance in the era of electromobility and due to the demand for weight and cost reduction. With our speciality graphites and mineral additives, we offer products developed precisely for these applications. You can use our conductivity products as additives on their own, or for the synergistic supplementation of existing raw material formulations.

  1. Thermal conductivity
    Temperature management to avoid thermal hot spots and for better heat distribution in a component


  2. Electrical conductivity
    Antistatic applications, electromagnetic compatibility


With our GraphTHERM® and GraphCOND® graphite-based conductivity additives, you get a consistent combination of electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity. The conductivities in the end product are more or less highly defined depending on the graphite grade and degree of filling. MagTHERM® is the conductivity additive of choice for applications where electrical conductivity cannot be tolerated. Or are you looking for a high-end material with a very high conductivity? If so, graphene nanoplatelets are the right solution.


Conductivity graphite optimised for the highest thermal conductivity

  • A special particle structure makes a high degree of filling of up to 90% by weight and thermal conductivity > 20 W/mk possible
  • Comparatively good processability and low influence on the mechanical properties


Conductivity graphite optimised for low filling rates

  • Ultra-thin particles make it possible to set up an effective conductivity network with a low degree of filling
  • Conductivity of more than 2 W/mK can be achieved with a filling rate of only 30% 

Graphen Nanoplatelets

High-end material to meet special requirements

  • High thermal and electrical conductivity in combination
  • Improvement of the mechanical properties such as strength and surface resilience
  • Corrosion protection
  • Good price/performance ratio compared to single-layer graphene


Thermal conductivity with simultaneous electrical insulation

  • With the white mineral additive, a thermal conductivity of more than 2 W/mK can be easily achieved in plastic compounds
  • Good flowability and processability, even at a high proportion of filler

Our conductivity additives are of interest for your application, but you need further information and technical data? Please contact us now! We are also happy to help you choose the right conductivity additive for your application.

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