Renewable energy, electromobility, illuminants, medical technology, mechanical engineering and tribology – ongoing new developments in these fields demand innovative solutions in the form of plastic compounds with high thermal and/or electrical conductivity. Common goals for all these applications are the reduction of weight by using plastic components, and the easier and more cost-effective production of complex shapes with simultaneous very good conductivity values.

The right additive for every conductivity application

Compounds for heat management prevent thermal hot spots by distributing heat evenly over a component, such as a housing or a special cooling element, and then releasing it to the surroundings. A thermal conductivity of 2W/mK is the magic limit. This value is easy to reach with our GraphCOND® speciality graphites. When maximum conductivity values of more than 20W/mK are required, our GraphTHERM® products are the conductivity additives of choice.

Graphene nanoplatelets or our GraphCOND® additives produce high electrical conductivity values in thin coatings and plastic compounds. Integrated into a polymer matrix, these additives have crucial benefits compared to metal foils or other components that are costly to produce: easier moulding, chemically and thermally inert, not susceptible to corrosion.

Preventing electrostatic charging and the associated explosion hazard is important in the chemical industry and apparatus construction. Conductivity graphite reduces the resistance of plastic components to reliably prevent electrostatic charging.

Advantages of conductive compounds

  • low weight
  • corrosion resistant
  • environmentally friendly
  • chemically inert
  • highly effective

The secret of conductivity graphite lies in the perfect combination of thermal and electrical conductivity.
The special product benefits of graphite come to bear in particular in applications where a combination of electrical and thermal conductivity is required, for example in bipolar plates for fuel cells. Our products optimised for this purpose feature the highest purity and outstanding performance values.


Application examples for conductivity additives


Bipolar plates

Bipolar plates as a key element of PEM fuel cells are highly effective thanks to plastic compounds filled with high-purity speciality graphite.


Illuminants and lamps

Components made of or with graphite improve heat management thanks to their heat conducting properties.



High-purity graphite is used in lithium-ion batteries and graphene conducts electrical impulses in touch displays.


Antistatic components

The use of graphite prevents the electrical charging of components, such as a fuel filler cap.


Antistatic carpets

The static charging of carpets can also be prevented with the use of graphite.


Moulded parts made of natural graphite

Lightweight moulded parts made of natural graphite are ideal as components for improved heat management, for instance in lamps.

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