Your contact person at Georg H. Luh
Your contact person at Georg H. Luh
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Your contact person

Klaus Rathberger

Managing director

[] Klaus Rathberger

“We are successful when our products and services make our customers successful.”

With more than 15 years of experience with graphite, Klaus Rathberger is truly a specialist in his field. This puts him in an ideal position to competently and effectively manage a company like Georg H. Luh. In addition to company management, close contact with customers and partners as well as the related technical consulting on all matters related to graphite and mica are key focal points of his activities.

  • +49 (0)6123 798-0

Christian Conrad

Quality management and technical support

[] Christian Conrad
[] Christian Conrad

“My quest for quality begins with the first consultation with a prospect and is far from over with the delivery of our products to the customer.”

As Quality Manager, Christian Conrad assumes overall responsibility for meeting the quality requirements we impose on our products. He is also the technical support contact. He consistently determines the individually optimised product in dialogue with our customers. Both our own and our leased warehouses are managed by him. Furthermore, he is responsible for the ISO certification audits and everything related to REACH.

  • +49 (0)6123 798-36

Angelina Schöffel

Marketing and sales

[] Angelina Schöffel
[] Angelina Schöffel

“Our customers give me the inspiration for my daily business. We are a team at any time.”

Angelina Schöffel is the person to talk to for your projects. As Marketing and Sales Manager, she mainly looks after customer satisfaction aside from the company image. She is responsible for handling customer enquiries, product consultation and application possibilities, and offer preparation. Questions? Problems? Ideas? Ms. Schöffel always finds the best solution with you.

  • +49 (0)6123 798-20

Stefan Bauer

Order processing and material planning

[] Stefan Bauer

“My recipe for success with customers: Honesty, reliability and friendly interaction.”

In his position as Customer Service Manager and in order processing, Stefan Bauer is responsible for the smooth operation of logistics processes in the company. Trained as an industrial management assistant, he coordinates customers, suppliers and shippers – always with the goal of keeping response and delivery times as short as possible. As the point of contact between sales, purchasing, warehousing and material planning, he makes sure that all orders are filled successfully.

  • +49 (0)6123 798-28

Marion Knapp

Accounting and human resource management

[] Marion Knapp

“Accounting is my passion – it is what I do every day in my job at Georg H. Luh.”

In her dual function as Head of Accounting and HR-Manager, Marion Knapp is responsible for the smooth functioning of the company’s finance and accounting department and for employee matters of all kinds. She is the heart and soul of Georg H. Luh: From customers to colleagues, applicants to suppliers, Ms. Knapp is always ready to listen.

  • +49 (0)6123 798-22