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Halogenfree flame retardant

Expandable graphite is suitable for use as a flame retardant. Heat has the effect of instantly dispersing graphite layers, and graphite particles expand to many times their original volume. This produces a protective intumescent layer on the surface. Furthermore, expandable graphite slows down the spread of fires and works to prevent the diffusion of gases and fumes. 

We at Georg H. Luh has worked closely with partners for many years in a range of application areas, and supplies grades of expandable graphite tailored to each application.

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  • Expandable graphite that contains PU foam is primarily used in insulation material in the automotive industry and serves as a flame retardant.
  • If expandable graphite is introduced into plastics, it prevents fire spreading as a result of its flame retardant properties.
  • The creation of an intumescent protective layer serves to protect underlying materials and surfaces in the case of fire. Depending on the desired application, a thin, dense and heat-absorbent layer can be generated, or alternatively a thicker layer at a proportional distance.
  • Graphite generates an expansion pressure under heat. In the case of fire, it can be used to isolate pipes and ducts or to fasten doors and windows with foaming seal.

We provide expandable graphite qualities which are best suited to your requirements. We are happy to advise you in person. Send us an e-mail or give us a call!