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Consistent braking action, even in wet conditions or at high temperatures, low noise development and low abrasion are just a few of the requirements that need to be met simultaneously by friction linings.

By moulding friction linings from complex blends of individually tailored raw materials, the respective lining can be optimised for its application. For instance, a high-performance lining for the sport of racing is subject to entirely different requirements than a clutch lining in industrial mechanical engineering.

The product consistency of the raw materials is a key requirement for keeping the properties of the friction lining constant. Our strict, comprehensive quality assurance process makes an important contribution here.

Graphite also plays an important role in carbon brushes, the electrical sliding contacts in electric motors, due to its unique combination of material properties.

We contribute to the production of friction linings, especially with our high-quality, environmentally friendly raw materials, free of heavy metals, in the graphite and mica product segments.

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