[] Eine Kerze brennt und entzündet einen Bleistift der Firma Georg H. Luh. Aus der Spitze des Bleistifts leuchtet eine Flamme.
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Electrical and thermal conductivity

Graphite distinguishes itself with excellent heat conductivity combined with very good electrical conductivity.

Thermal and electrical conductivity increase depending on the filling rate.

[] Das Diagramm der Georg H. Luh GmbH zeigt die Entwicklung der elektrischen und thermischen Leitfähigkeit in Abhängigkeit zur Füllrate des jeweiligen Graphits

Depending on which chracteristics in detail or in common are paramount, we have developed specialized products depending on which of the two characteristics takes centre stage, individually or in combination:

GraphTHERM® - graphite optimised for heat conductivity

GraphTHERM® developed by Georg H. Luh GmbH especially for improved heat conductivity enable a thermal conductivity of 20 W/mŸK or more thanks to their special form. The mechanical properties or processability are not impaired even at a high filling degree of more than 60%.

This combination of characteristics makes GraphTHERM® especially well suited for plastics applications.


GraphCOND® - graphite optimised for electrical conductivity

Special pre-treatment and grinding results in graphite particles that enable an effective electrically conductive network to be created even at a low material proportion. A conductivity of >100 S/cm is possible in plastic.

GraphCOND® features convincing properties and is versatile in application, for example in dissipative coatings or highly conductive compounds.

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